Deity of The Week: Adeona Goddess of Safety and Safe Returns


This week’s deity of the week is the Adeona

Origin: Italian, Roman.

Sacred and favourite things: safety.

Area of influence: protection, travel, safety.

Petition for: a safe return, safe travel, protection while away from your home.

Favourite people: children and travellers.

Patron of: travel and safety.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), candles, ancestor money can be burned in honour. Candles.






This roman goddess oversees safe and quick returns. She is said to be indigenous to the Romans but she pre-dates them. The Romans discovered her. She works with her sister spirit Abenona who is the spirit of departures. Together the oversee that anyone who goes on journey, adventure, or travels will travel safely and return to their starting point or destination safely.  Adeona and her sister Abenona can be petitioned to for safety during travel, especially for the safety of children daily if they travel to and from school for example. If a child is kidnaped, or taken away from their home without consent Adeona is the spirit to help return them home safely. This is the perfect spirit to work with and petition for your overall safety while travelling and to return in one piece safely.

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