Deity of The Week: Acca Larentia Prosperity Goddess

acca larentia

Acca LarentiaThis week’s deity of the week is Acca Larentia.

Origin:  Etruscan or Italian.

Appears as: a woman.

Sacred and favourite things: gardens, especially vegetable, herb, and gardens near or in cities, mothers.

Energy: yin (feminine.)

Favoured people: sex workers, woman who work for themselves and are independent, urban gardeners and gardeners in general. Also mothers.

Area of influence: finance, abundance, fertility.

Petition her for: money and wealth matters, and/or if you work in the sex industry.

Patron of: finances.

Feast and celebration day:  The Larentalia on the 23rd of December

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), candles, ancestor money can be burned in her honour, herbs, vegetables.



The mythology around Acca Larentia is complex there are three folklores. However, what is clear is she played an important role in providing Rome with stability and finance. The first story of this deity is that Acca Larentia was a sex worker who provided abundance for Rome. The second states that she was a ‘prize’ given to the Heracles, after he won a dice game. However, she was locked in a room, and when he and his leaders (priests) had enough of her they let her go, she was told to marry the first rich man she finds. She did! And when he died and she inherited his wealth, she provided that to Rome.

The third story is that she was the wife of Faustulus, a shepherd, who found Romulus and Remus and is the foster mother of the founders of Rome. These are the main stories of Acca Larentia the abundance deity.

She is a guardian spirit, linked to the home, and associated with the Lares, guardian deities in ancient Rome. The festival celebration for this is after hers. You should petition Acca Larentia for abundance, prosperity, and protection around the home, and if you’re a sex worker for protection and wealth. Also petition her for female fertility matters.

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