Deity of the Week: Acat Patron of Tattoos and Body Art

This week’s deity of the week is Acat.

Origin: Mayan (south Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and western Honduras.)

Appears as: tattooed man.

Sacred and favourite things: body art and tattoos.

Deity type: protector.

Energy: yang (masculine)

Favoured people: tattoo artists, people who enjoy body art, people who have body art, artists.

Area of influence: safety during the tattoo and body art process.

Petition him for: guidance over what tattoo to get, if you’re starting a tattoo and body art business, if you are about to be tattooed or pierced, and artistic (drawing) creativity.

Patron of: body art and art, looking unique in your appearance.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), Mayan traditional images, candles, images of tattoos and abstract designs.


The Mayan people are from central and southern America. Mainly in the areas we know today as southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and western Honduras. They lived in these areas around 2000 BC, they had their own language and numerical system in place. Their main skills were building and art these are areas they excelled in. In this culture body art and tattoos are sacred to these indigenous people. They also vibrated spirits and communicated with the dead and honoured them.

When the colonialism was in full force, and the Mayan people experienced invasion around the sixteenth century, the invaders and colonisers were shocked, and probably disgusted by the indigenous practices of the Mayan people. Especially honouring  the dead, communicating with ancestors, and tattoos as a sacred practice.

Acat is a patron God of tattoo artists, the tattoo process, and all body art. Petition him if you are a tattoo artist so he can help to guide your hands, remove the chances of mistakes, bless your tools and minimise the chances of cross infection of blood born viruses between clients and yourself. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo petition Acat for your safety, and inspiration for what your next ink art should  be, or your next piercing.

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