Deity of the Week: Abtagigi Goddess of Sex and Desires


This week’s deity of the week is Abtagigi— ‘she who sends messages of desire.’  Also known as Kalili, and Kilili.

Origin: Sumerian (what we know now as Iraq.)

Favoured people: sex workers and those who work in the sex industry, those who have suffered sexually via abuse or traumatic experiences, those who wish to awaken their sexuality.

Area of influence: desires, pleasures, sexual desires, sacral chakra.

Petition her for: protection if you’re a sex worker, you have suffered sexual abuse and wish to recover, you wish to awaken your sexuality. You wish to become more confident with your body and love and appreciate it more, if you have low self-esteem about your appearance or how desirable you feel you are.

Patron of: desires, sex, pleasure.

Similar to: goddess energy of Lilith

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), incense, perfume and fragrances, sex toys, flowers, sexy underwear.

Abtagigi (she who sends messages of desires) is a very spicy spirit that dominates over sex and sexuality. She is a Sumerian spirit, which is what we would now know as the location of Iraq. Historically, the people of Sumerian descend were from the Mesopotamia area. Mesopotamia in ancient Greek translates to ‘between two rivers.’ The Sumerian people are said to be some of the first people to exist.

The Babylonians and Assyrians used her Semitic name Kalili— Abtagigi-Kalili. Sumerian ruler would invoke her for her knowledge of the ‘Great Rite’ they called it, as it was said that she was captured and dominated by Inanna-Ishtar who was said to have possessed her body.

Her connection or similarity to the goddess Lilith is important, as both these goddess  advocate the power that can be found in sexual desires, how esoteric aspects can be incorporated into sex, sexuality, and sexual desires. The only difference is that Lilith works more outwardly and a wild spirit, while Abtagigi is more internal.

Sadly, this spirit’s energy has sometimes been considered as ‘evil’, but this was/is mainly by those who thought or associate the act of sex with a form of sin.

Abtagigi holds knowledge— The Great Rite, and those who seek higher knowledge, powers, or connection to themselves are welcomed to petition her for assistance. Those who are sex workers, or work in the sex industry, who wish to become sexually empowered, come to terms with their sexuality, or even overcome abuse and trauma that was sexual are also welcomed to petition her. These are her favoured people and area of domination as a spirit. Also petition her if you are working on balancing your Sacral Chakra in particular your relationship with sex, or openness to it via this chakra.

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