Deity of the Week: Aatxe

This week’s deity of the week is Aatxe. Also known as Aatxegorri, Etsai or ‘ The Young Red Bull.’

Origin: Basque (Euskara)

Colours: Red.

Appears as: often a red bull, or a bull with red flames around the body. He is also a shape shifter and can appear in any form.

Sacred place: The Pyrenees in southern France, and caves.

Petition him for: protection, war against enemies.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), red candles, red foods such as wine or grapes.

Aatxe is a protective guardian spirit, he looks over the earth itself, riches, wealth, and treasure. Harmful acts towards the earth will upset him, as well as lying and cheating. Learn how to connect with him, in  How to Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit.


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