Intuitive Tarot Reading: Foundation

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About Course

Intuitive Tarot Reader: Foundation Level Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to read tarot, understand each card, connect with tarot as an intuitive tarot reader and  be a deadly accurate reader? Great you’re in the right place. K. Yansá is the owner of The Spiritual Parlour esoteric store, a professional tarot reader, professional astrologer,  professional numerologist, author of estoteric books  including A Guide to Tarot Wisdomand Reiki Master and teacher.  She’s also blessed with psychic medium abilities of clairauidence (ability to hear messages from Spirit) and clairsentient (ability to know and feel messages from Spirit).

Learn how to read tarot with her Intuitive Tarot Reader courses, and you’ll  never need to read an instruction manual on ‘how to’ with tarot cards again. And you’ll have so much fun while you develop your skills set.


What Does The Course Cover: Foundation Level

  • The history of tarot.
  • How to select decks, cleanse them, and connect with them.
  • The difference between oracle and tarot cards.
  •  How to link your intuition to the tarot.
  • Understanding the different tarot suits deeply.
  • Detailed look at all seventy-eight tarot cards and their meanings. Upright AND in reverse.
  • Predicting timing and events with the tarot.
  • Different card combinations when reading.
  • Different tarot spreads for love, money, guidance, and every life situation possible. And of course the classic Celtic Cross spread.
  • Tips, tricks, and much more!

What’s Included:

  • A full 50 page course workbook you can download.
  •  7.5 hours of video content with lectures. There are twenty-three lessons in total.
  • Links to other resources.
  • Blogs, articles, and external reading to help you develop your skills.
  • 15 exercises to  help you connect to the deck.
  • Four fun quizzes

What happens when I purchase the course?

One you have purchased your course access is granted, your learning materials and workbook will be all yours and can work at your own pace.

How do I contact you if I have a question?

Reach out via the student dashboard and I will respond as soon as I can! I am always here for you!

Who is this course for?

Intuitive Tarot Reader – Foundation level is for everyone from all walks of life, ages, races, and sexual orientations there are no barriers to entry here. The course’s content is aimed at total beginners with no knowledge of what the cards mean to those with some limited knowledge. This is not an advanced course the aim is to learn and understand the tarot deeply, at this level so you can carry out readings confidently  then move yourself to an advanced level. The course does cover some advance knowledge such as timing, astrology and numerology links/ For ‘leveling up’ to learn more advanced tarot reading techniques,  how to link other esoteric subjects such as astrology, numerology etc deeply as the main focus into your reading the next level is recommended: Intuitive Tarot Reader- Intermediate to Advanced level.

Is There a Time Limit To Complete The Course?

Nope! Work at our own pace and you have life time access to it.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes you will! on completion you will have a Certificate of Completion of Foundational Intuitive Tarot Reader. A PDF will be available.

What language is the course in?

At the moment English language.

Do I need prior knowledge of the tarot?

It’s good if you do, but this course is aimed at those who have very little or none at all. If you don’t you will by the end of the course. And yes you will be able carry out readings for yourself and others



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What Will You Learn?

  • After this course you will be confident to understand the complete tarot deck of cards, carry out readings, and understand the origins of tarot. You'll also be intuitively connected to the tarot's universal messages also.

Course Content

Course Introduction
Students will lean a bit about me, my background, and how they will learn and progress with my approach to learning tarot. My approach is to connect with the deck via various ways, as opposed to learn the meaning of the card in isolate. Also, to learn to read the cards holistically, not in isolation.

  • Course introduction

The Culture, History, and Background of the Tarot
A very brief overview of the history of tarot, and what part of the world it stemmed from.

Choosing a new deck cleansing and connecting with it.
It this lesson students will learn how best to choose their own personal deck, how to cleanse it with a handful of methods and finally how to connect with it. Methods such as using crystals, your own energy, smoke etc are covered. This is key before you do a reading for yourself or others.

The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards
There's a clear difference between the two, as a tarot reader you'll need to be clear on this. By the end of the lessons students will have a good understanding.

You and Your Deck
Here's a quick end of unit fun quiz to check your learning and understanding

The 56 Minor Cards : Meanings Upright and Reversed
In this section we will look at the 56 minor cards in detail, and each suit. The learning out comes are: 1.Understanding all 56 minor cards in upright and reverse positions 2. Understanding each suit. Lesson covered are: 1. Understanding each suit cups, wads, pentacles and wands. 2.Understanding each card from Ace- ten for each of the four suits ( 56 cards covered). 3. Understanding each of the cards also in reverse. ( All 56 cards) 4. Timing and predicting events with the tarot.

The Court Cards: meanings and how to read them
In this section students will progress on to learn about the court cards. Pages, Queens, Knights and Kings. Their meanings in each suit, in upright and reversed positions. The learning outcomes are: 1. understand the court cards pages, knights, queens, and kings in upright and review position. 2. understanding the roles they play in tarot and messages they bring.

The Major Arcana Cards : :Learning and understanding all 22 major arcana cards
In this lesson students will learn all the meanings in upright and reverse of the 22 major cards. This is key learning and very interesting also as 'the fool's journey' is covered as a way to help connect to the cards and remember them.

Course Conclusion and Your Journey!
Final tips, tricks, hints. Learning tarot spread, and how to create them.


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