Conspire With The Universe To Attract Your Soul Mate!

Good morning!  Yes, well this week’s  Pisces new Moon energy is a very loving one, which I covered in the astrology reading here.  True to form  over this last few weeks I have been pushed by Spirit to carry out a lot of channelled writing.  Just in time for this loving energy my next self-help novella  Conspire With The Universe To Attract Your Soul Mate  is now on pre-order and will  be published on the Libra full Moon! On the 28th March 2021, a perfect energy for love and romance as Libra is our 7th house ruler of love, relationships, partnerships, and serious commitments of all kinds. Check out the book here on Amazon, just 2.99 and grab a free download of 30 Days of Positive Affirmations on Amazon also. Please leave a review of the book if you grab a freebie!

About The Book

Your soul mate is out there, and they’re looking for you! Understand how to powerfully conspire with the Universe in a spiritual way, to attract them and love that lasts to you. This concise book is not a how to book on, ‘ways to find love.’ This is a concise book full of practical spiritual and non-religious ways to attract a soul mate, and includes a powerful love and marriage ritual using universal laws to call them in. Sending signals to the Universe that you wish to connect with a soul mate is simple, if you understand how and do it correctly. In Conspire With The Universe To Attract Your Soul mate you’ll learn and understand:
•Love languages and how to use them to maximise your love potential.
•Exactly what a soul mate, soul group, and twin flame are and how to recognise them.
•The nature of karmatic relationships, and how to use them to your advantage, and recognise if you’ve experienced one.
•Practical ways to conspire with the Universe to connect with your soul mate.
•A love and marriage ritual that’s powerful, effective, easy on the pocket to carry out.
•How to affirm your intentions and signals to the Universe about love, with thirty days of positive love affirmations. The affirmations have been channelled from the author’s own spirit guide via her clairaudient link to you.
Conspire With The Universe To Attract Your Soul Mate is focused on shifting your mindset, approach, and actions when it comes to finding love that lasts, and importantly ensure that you’ll find it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, start attracting your soul mate today!

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