Astrology and Moon Sign: Why It’s Important

The moon is in Pisces

Your Astrology Moon sign is basically what Zodiac sign the Moon was under the influence of, at your precise time of birth. The Moon is under the influence of a Zodiac sign for roughly 2.5 days before moving into another sign. The energy of the Moon in astrology is very changeable, hence it’s linked to the emotions. Astrology and Moon sign is key in understanding a person’s emotional reactions.

What Does This Show Me?

Well, the Moon is linked to the emotions, mother or mother figure and is said to be a feminine energy. In addition to this, it shows you (the Zodiac placement of it) how you deal with things emotionally in life, your approach based on the Zodiac sign’s traits. For example, a Pisces Moon placement would resonate with Pisces’ energy. This is a water sign, that’s highly influenced by how it feels rather than logic. Water flows, moves in different directions as well. This placement could indicate a very emotional person, emotions can be up and down flowing like the water sign that Pisces is. This is not a bad thing to be ‘up and down it shows someone who can go with the flow, as well as yes be a little dramatic and up and down. In a nutshell knowing your Moon sign can help you to understand why you deal with things on an emotional level the way you do. Or why another person does.

This can also work in reverse and show why a person can ‘lack’ emotional responses. For example, Aquarius has a reputation for being detached from emotions and mainly a logical sign. A Moon sign influenced by this Sun sign could cause this kind of emotionally detached person.

Aries, is the ruler of the first house, and has a reputation for being about the self, a Moon influenced by this Sun sign could cause exactly that!

That said, with astrology the full birth chart must be or should always be looked at for a good overview and understanding. Other areas of the birth chart my contribute or even ‘soften’ the influence of the traits of the Sun sign a person’s Moon is influenced by.

Astrology and Moon Signs in Relationship Compatibility

Relationships no matter the kind are all about how we get on with others and our emotional investment ( or lack of), in the relationships. When it comes to Synastry or relationship astrology comparing the Moon sign compatibility and the element that the signs are in, will show a lot, especially how potentially two people could get on in a relationships or as friends. The better the compatibility with elements, modes, polarity and the signs themselves, the more likely two people are to ‘click’ and emotionally satisfy each other as friend, coworkers or lovers.

How or Where Can I Find Out My Moon Sign?

A birth chart will show and tell you all you need to know! Read up about that here. The Ascendant sign is also just as key to understanding you. You can learn about the meaning of the Ascendant sign here.

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