April’s Super Full Moon- Full Moon in Libra – What’s Your Decision?

It’s been a while since I have wrote an article, life has been crazy and let’s face it with the Cronovirus going on nothing is the same! This made my life even more crazy with the change in routine. Anyway, April’s ‘Super  Full Moon’ has pulled me out from under my rock. Not only is it a Full Moon in Libra, it’s what’s called ‘Super Pink Full Moon’. But what is so special about a ‘Super Full Moon’? And why do we have ‘Super Full Moons’?

So What’s  A ‘Super Full Moon’ Or A  ‘Super Pink Moon’

Well, in general terms it’s a  new or full Moon on steroids  LOL. The Moon is at it’s closest orbit to Earth, and therefore will appear brighter, fuller, and much more  powerful. The Moon’s orbit around the elliptic  is what some might say ‘a stone’ throw away’ from Earth, considering how close it normally is, under a Super Full Moon, it’s really close.

When’s  It Happening?

The Super Full Moon in Libra will vary depending on where you are in the world. However based on a Universal Time Central Chart it’s on the 8th April at 1.42 am ( UTC). The Sun and Moon will be directly opposite each other ( a full Moon). This will happen when the Moon is 18 degree into the sign of Libra, and the Sun is opposite at 18 degrees into the sign of Libra’s opposite sign Aries. Based on your time size you can calculate when this may be for you. Below is a snap shot of the sky when it happens, and it’s a Super Full Moon!

As you can see the Moon is 18 degrees into Libra in the 9th house, while the Sun is also 18 degrees into the opposite sign Aries, in the 3rd house. Based on a UTC chart this is a snap shot of the sky during the Super Full Moon.

What’s The Message From The Universe This Super Full Moon In Libra?

Well full Moons are very powerful times during the Moon’s phase. She is at her most powerful and the highest ‘peak’ in terms of energy, that she can be. Therefore for manifesting this is an excellent time during a full Moon, a super  Full Moon at that too. It’s great to push forward with anything you’re working on, or wish to achieve it’s the kick we need energetically. All Moon phases last around 7-8 days, so we have a full week to get busy and use this key energetically ‘magic’ time.

To be more detailed,  in terms of astrology with a full Moon often comes a ‘decision making’ energy in our lives, I like to call it. As the Sun and Moon are in a tense aspect of what we call in astrology an ‘opposition’.  Their positions and energy between them are opposing each other= tension. At the same time the Sun and Moon are like Ying and Yang= balance of tension. This can cause frustrations, decisions, or the need to decide what to do or where to go. This April’s full Moon lands in the sign Libra. Libra is all about balance, diplomacy, good relationships as the ruler over this traditionally. And, it’s in the 9th house. The 9th house is concerned with distant people, places and things, higher learning, spirituality, publishing and sports, also travel. For some of us, we could have decisions around the 9th house of life for sure. Or this Moon’s energy could spark it, and in the near future we do.

Key Aspects This Super Full Moon From The Planets

The Moon she is also causing another slightly tense aspect with Pluto, the planet of transformation, change,  and he’s in the 1st house as you an see in the chart. The 1st house is concerned in a chart with you, all that you are, appearance and you on a soul level. You can see more about that here.

The Moon represents ( in birth charts and generally) our emotions, how we feel and dominate mother figure in our lives. Pluto ( in birth charts and generally) represents slow transformation and changes. Now, the Moon in Libra or under this influence  is about  balance, fairness energy, and a very ‘think with the heart’ or ‘how you feel energy.’ This is in tension ( the square aspect) with the planet of transformation and changes ( Pluto), who is  in the first house of you or a person!…. So, the Universe’s general message for some of us, there could be a slight ‘tension’ between us and changes around us (Pluto in the first house) and changes that may need to be made or have been made already vs (Moon) how we feel, our feelings. The Moon under Libra is calling for’ emotional balance’. And, she is in the 9th house, as mentioned so this change, or tension, or decision could be around 9th house issues mentioned above, for some of us. Pluto under  Capricorn at this very moment is about ‘hard work’ and being ‘serious’ as this is Capricorn’s energy. Remember what I said about full Moons often being some kind of need to make a decision, or even frustration also. Generally, it looks like and feels like for some of us, it’s time to get serious and changes that need to be made, or have been made, and what needs to be done if we are in conflict with them….personally, or in some shape or form in our inner-self.

How Does This Impact On Me, Depending On My Sign?

Well the first thing to say is , this is a snap shot of the SKY from Earth’s perspective. How it will impact on us all as individuals depends on where Libra ( where the Super Full  Moon is happening) rules in your chart. Also, where Capricorn rules in your chart, as this will let you know in which of the 12 house of life (area of life) this Super Full Moon, may impact you, and the energy that surrounds . I will depend on where the Moon and Pluto will sit in your personal chart. For example, Libra rules my 3rd house. So I know that this is a 3rd house energy in life possibly for me, possibly. And where Capricorn rules could also give other clues for me.  You can always pull your birth chart and have it read. Or look around the edge at the Zodiac signs and see where Libra and Capricorn are, that will show  you. Then see how it impacts on your chart- personally.

If You’re a Libra….

If you are a Libra, then you need to step into your personal power this week, this full Moon resonates in your energy! This is an ideal time for you to make use of the influence your energy will have, over the Universe right now, and everyone else for that matter! For the next 7-8 days. You bring fairness, balance, the need for tranquility but also a razor sharp analytical mind. I love Libra energy as an air sign myself!

All Star Sign’s…

However the good news is generally, you can get an idea for your star sign how it may resonate. If you don’t know your chart well, or don’t want to have it analysed, as a qualified astrologer I have written 2020 horoscope e-books for all 12 signs! which includes a detailed astrology reading of about 1,000 per month for 2020, which also includes the new and full Moon readings. You can check them out here, just click the link for your star sign. You will see the ‘key message and energy’ your sign has for all of 2020, and much more! Take a peak!

Happy Super Full Moon in Libra! I will catch you soon, later in the month for the new Moon universe’s messages and also share key astrology transits for this month, and how it  impacts on the signs.













9 Replies to “April’s Super Full Moon- Full Moon in Libra – What’s Your Decision?”

  1. Wow

    it is really nice to know all this about the super full moon, this is really a detailed article, i hope we can also experience it anywhere around the world, because i have not seen it in my country yet, although i will start observing, and also is this a real fact or a believe because its seems like a believe to me, although it is a good, thanks for sharing.

    1. This is fact my dear, astrology is not make believe! If you have ever had the experience of having an astrological reading many will tell you this.  As a qualified astrologer I have spent a lot of time studying the charts of clients to help them make sense of life, and it has helped them greatly.Yes, everywhere we can see the Super Full Moon all you need to do is look up at the Moon during this week and you will experience it. Thanks for stopping by and reading about the Super Full Moon!

  2. Well to be honest I never heard of the super moon before. However it is interesting and thought provoking. Your website is very illuminating and I hope you get as many people as you can interested in your message. Thank You.

  3. This is for many people an interesting topic. Whether it has some scientific proof I am not sure. However there are many spiritual mediums and people from all backgrounds that believe in what the stars and constellations are trying to say. I must say that it is entirely possible that it could be true. To ignore it outright would probably be a mistake. I can say that since I believe that there is an afterlife, to dismiss this type of information would very probably be irresponsible. Since the peoples of the bible followed a star, it cannot be dismissed out of hand.

    1. That’s it friend, it can not be ignored. Astrology, has been proven as a scientific accurate point of view too, many times over. I am glad you’re a believer, happy full Moon to you!

  4. Kae- Thank you for this article. This is especially good new for me as I am a Libra. Being born on Sept. 23rd does that give me any extra personal power or am I the same? I have read a lot about energy and the moon, but I didn’t know about this week being a full moon in Libra. This is awesome news. Thank you for such great detail. 

    1. Hi there, yes you have great energy around you as a Libra !!As your energy is ruling over this Moon. As mentioned in the article, how this will resonate for all of us will depend on where LIBRA rules in our chart, we all have it as this is where the Moon will rest ( in this area of life depending on your chart). So, my advice is push forward under this Moon’s energy this week coming with all your goals and aspirations. With ‘extra power’ you mentioned, it’s energy that surrounds you and us all that is vibrating on a ‘Libra vibration’. I personally love this sign’s energy!! Get manifesting and working on goals.

  5. I heard about the pink moon recently. I’m a Sagittarius. How will all of this affect me? I’ve been frustrated lately with some aspects of my life, especially with some professional projects. Is this a good time to make a decision?

    This may sound silly, but do we have to look at the moon when making a decision? 

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

    1. Hi as mentioned how every full or new Moon impacts on us personally will depend on two things 1. where the sign that the Moon is under the influence rules in YOUR chart. 2. what the Moon is doing ( how it aspects) on your other planets= the energy you may feel. The best thing is to check your chart or have it checked, or you can see the general astrology e-books that I have written for each sign, Sagittarius is there it will give you details GENERALLY where this Super Full Moon may impact on this particular sign, see the links here for Sagittarius https://etsy.me/2UPpdkd Thank you for stopping by.

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