4 Key Things About: Cancer Full Moon 17th/18th January 2022

The Cancer full moon will happen on the 17th/18th of January 2022. Here are four key things to know about this full moon in Cancer energy. The full moon is an ideal time to ’empower’ your manifefstations, life, and wherever the full moon  in Cancer will hit your chart.

  1. Sun and Pluto Conjunct

Ahh the Sun conjunct Pluto, this really can feel like push and pull. The Sun’s energy is about growth health, vitality and it expands. Pluto is about change, transformation, and more malefic energy rather than benevolent like the Sun. When the two come together it creates personal growth (Sun) but it can be growth that comes with some uncomfortable feelings, or being in a place that is unfamiliar ( Pluto). This is because Pluto is an outer planet and will always take us out of our comfort zone to transform us, and the Sun is there to oversee natural growth and expansion.

            2. Mercury and Saturn Conjunct in Aquarius= reflection, holding back of thoughts, maturity based on reflection. 

Saturn is the planet of holding back, withdrawal, maturity, lesson learning, and gives us hard work and sometimes even challenges. Mercury is all about the mind, thoughts, all forms of communication, learning, and short trips. These two energies in unison can encourage several things in life:

  • Reflection and thinking back over what has been learned, or still needs learning.
  • Maturity based on reflection that is done.
  • Holding back of thoughts and communication.
  • Learning from thoughts or communication that has happened, or is happening.

Combine this with Aquarius’ energy, we have a very ‘mental’ and ‘logical’ energy. Firstly, as Aquarius probably is the most likely sign of the zodiac to be of very high left-brain intelligence. It’s also the sign that is very humane, sees the bigger picture in life, a little eccentric in nature and naturally ‘rebellious.’

Saturn is not rebellious at all, it’s about order and structure that’s where and how Aquarius energy when combined with Saturn (holding back) and Mercury ( natural expansion and mental energy) that our ideas, holding back and learning come together as a potential message from the universe. It’s also how we can be pushed to reflect deeply based on logical structured order.


3. Moon Oppose Pluto: Decision Making from The heart

During this full Moon the Moon and Pluto will also be in opposition. This happens when two planets are directly opposite each other. They are therefore in opposing zodiac signs, and 180 degrees apart.

The Moon’s energy is all about emotions, and matters of the heart, Pluto is about change, transformation, and the soul. These two energies are in opposition asking us to ‘decide’ ( opposition aspect) based on the heart ( Moon) and soul ( Pluto) and possibly transform and change. It’s a time to ask yourself what do you really want and deserve? And how will you achieve it?


Cancer= care nurture, emotions, feelings, ‘what’s good for us all or others emotionally,’ feminine energy. Rules over the 4th house of the home, family, foundations, mother figure in modern astrology.

Capricorn= harsh, fact based, distant, ‘what’s good for me and my achievement and direction,’ feminine energy also. Rules over the 10th house of direction, career, ambition, achievement, fame, and father figure in modern astrology.


4. Neptune Trine Moon: Deep felt hopes and dreams, or delusions— be realistic

Neptune in trine with Moon is a very dreamlike, visionary, creative and warm aspect. A ‘trine’ aspect is one of extreme bliss and harmony. The planet’s energy together is about emotional connection to hopes, dreams, what we desire, but also a caution and reminder to be realistic. Neptune is also in a direct motion now, so this aspect could bring a green light to move forward with deep felt hopes and dreams in a realistic way.

Moon= emotions, feelings, mother figure, intuition, care.

Cancer= care nurture, emotions, feelings, ‘what’s good for us all or others emotionally’ feminine energy. Rules over the 4th house of the home, family, foundations, mother figure in modern astrology.

Neptune= hopes, dreams, illusions, and delusions, soul growth.

Pisces= dreamy, romantic, creative, vibrant young energy. Feminine energy and the ruler of the 12th house of life in modern astrology.

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