2021 Astrological Goal Planner Journal

Why set goals? And how can we benefit? I wrote a detailed and I hope inspirational post on this here. Do check it out. For 2021 start your year right,  with a beautiful astrological Moon planner to help you set your goals, plan for your goals, and achieve your goals you’ve set with success!

Astrological full and new Moon planner for 2021, there are 89 full, bold, coloured pages of all different shades for each month. Perfect as a gift or yourself. One purchased you will have your planner straight away, you can download and start to write in it. Inside for each month of 2021 you will find:

Your goals and intention page.
A weekly planner to work towards your goals each week, so you achieve them.
Dates and signs of all the new and full Moons in 2021. Dates for the eclipses.
A writing prompt for that month based on the energy of the new and full Moon.
A goal achievement check list.

Note: the new and full Moon dates will depend on your time zone. For ease and to help as many people as possible, without confusing them, the dates are based over two says. Depending where you are it will be one of those days. However full and new Moon energy lasts seven- eight days a full week, so relax you’ll never miss the energy if you get the right week.

The best way to work through the journal is: each month set your own goals and intentions, break them down in to small actionable things you can do each week. Each week check your planner and record your achievement. If one month you don’t achieve something roll it over to the following month, so you do achieve your goal at a later date. Make time each month to carry out the journal reflection, and some self care around the new and full Moons.

The Spiritual Parlour website will have a full energy and astrology reading for each month, a spiritual (non-religious) writing prompt.

E-VERSIONS HERE FROM  MY STORE JUST ‘11.11’ SPECIAL PRICE: https://bit.ly/AstrologicalMoonJournalPlanner

PRINTED COPIES AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.etsy.com/TheSpiritualParlour/listing/915758636/2021-astrological-moon-goals-and-journal?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1608676479604

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